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Unit of withdrawal symptoms of anesthesia

The patient must undergo a medical, psychological, social, religious and counseling program for several weeks to prepare and prepare the patient to face life again naturally without resorting to anesthesia again, while continuing to follow up with the rehabilitation centers for a period of more than one year depending on the condition of each [...]

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Psychological Rehabilitation Unit for Addiction Patients

Al-Amal Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment offers rehabilitation therapy, which represents 70% of the treatment in a special unit to qualify the addict with a distinguished staff of doctors and doctors.

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Marital Counseling

Marital counseling, also called family therapy for the couple, is a type of psychotherapy. Marriage counseling helps couples of all kinds to identify, resolve and improve relationships. Through marital counseling, you can make informed decisions about rebuilding your relationship or separation, each in his own way. Often, marriage counseling is provided by a certified [...]

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Psychiatric disorders

Psychological disorder is a psychological or behavioral pattern that results from a feeling of distress or disability that affects the individual and is not part of the normal growth of mental skills or culture. Methods of understanding and understanding mental health situations have changed over time and across cultures, and there are still differences [...]

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Depression is a mental disorder that afflicts a person with a loss of pleasure, a lack of activity, a feeling of tiredness, fatigue, sleep disturbance and appetite, and an increase or decrease with a sense of selflessness, self-blame and extreme degree of thinking. II / Causes of depression: May be external, such as social [...]

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